Empire season 2 episode 13
Lucious Lyon with Cookie in Empire season 2 episode 13 pictures Fox

Empire season 2 returns with a new episode this Wednesday, where the Lyon family will celebrate Cookie's birthday, now that their competitors Camilla and Mimi Whiteman are dead. Episode 13 is titled, The Tameness Of A Wolf, which will air on 13 April at 9pm EST on Fox.

The official synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

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The episode will pick up on the heels of Camilla and Mimi Whiteman's death news and the Lyons finally getting their company back. Cookie tries to reunite her family by asking for a family dinner as her birthday present, but we know from the past that Lyon family dinners don't end well.

A promo for the episode shows Cookie asking Lucious to be honest on his music video. She says, "You have got to tell your whole story. Because I did 17 years [in prison] for a man whose real name I didn't even know." Actors Jussie Smollett (Jamal) and Taraji P Henson (Cookie) preview the episode in a promo video. Henson said, "We get to see the pain he has been dealing with for so long and maybe what makes him tick the way he does."

Smollett added, "Once she finds those things out, she is on a mission to dig and find out what is wrong with this man, because the family is so broken that she knows that at the end of the day one of the ways to fix the family is by fixing the other head of the family, Lucious."

Then the promo shows Cookie asking everyone for a drama-free dinner, but Smollett pointed out, "Cookie should know better, because Cookie has been to Lyon family dinners before. We know this is not going to turn up good."

The promo shows everyone at the dinner party and Cookie asking those present to be seated as she shows the rough cut of Lucious's Boom Boom Boom music video. According to Jussie, "That is when everything starts flipping. You see an eruption from not just Andre, but from Lucious that they might not come back from."

Basically, the Lyon family dinner is a recipe for disaster, but tune in to find out what happens at the party.