Empire season 3 episode 5
The Lyon family in Empire season 3 Fox

Empire season 3 returns with an all-new episode this Wednesday, where the Lyon family will be seen dealing with a security breach after Empire Entertainment gets hacked. Episode 6 is titled, Chimes at Midnight, which will air on 16 November at 9pm EST on Fox Network.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Empire is hacked and the leak creates feuds between artists and among the Lyon family. Andre takes advantage of the leak to step up and prove his worth to the company. Meanwhile, Lucious continues to try and drive a wedge between Cookie and Angelo, and Jamal finds himself in a love triangle.

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A promo for the episode shows Empire Entertainment reeling from a cyber attack. The episode will also shed light on some of Cookie's (Taraji P. Henson) past.

Following the hacking, images of a topless Cookie are released, which may potentially ruin her relationship with her new man, Angelo Dubois.

Cookie tells Angelo, "There are something about me that your opponent can use and will use," but the later rubbishes her concerns and says, "I can handle anything, " but Cookie points out that she will not handle it if he loses the election because of her.

Also, Jamal, who is currently feuding with his brother Hakeem, has been mixing his medications with alcohol for some time now. A promo for the episode teases a grim fate for him, as D-Major is seen trying to wake up an unconscious Jamal. Jussie Smollett who plays Jamal says in the promo, "He ends up making stupid decisions."

Will Jamal overdose? Can Lucious's company survive this cyber attack? We will have to wait and watch.