With only three more episodes to go in the sixth season, Game Of Thrones is heating up with many of the character's stories taking direction towards a climatic finish. HBO released the trailer for episode eight titled, No One, and already next week's edition promises to be riveting.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk.

Going by the title of the episode, we can immediately gather that it will show us what happens to Arya Stark. In the last episode she was unable to finish her assignment and as punishment, was stabbed in the stomach multiple times.

Somehow she manages to escape and we will finally learn what happens of her. The trailer shows that the Waif from the House of Black and White is still after her life, but Arya looks to have recuperated from her injuries and is seen leaping off a rooftop.

However, what the teaser focuses on is The Mountain's stand off against Lancell Lannister and the rest of those from the Faith Militant who have come to take Cersei for her hearing. We know a fight ensues and it will probably end with Sir Gregor Clegane ripping off the heads of some of them.

Game of Thrones
The Waif looks surprised to find that Arya Stark is still alive Youtube/GameOfThrones

At Riverrun, Jamie Lannister's army is still dealing with the stubborn and proud Blackfish who refuses to surrender. We see Brienne of Tarth warning Jamie that she will have to fight him if he decides to attack the Blackfish and the rest of the Tullys. At some point he warns her right back, "I love Cersei, and if I have to slaughter every Tully who ever lived to get back to her, that's what I'll do."

Watch the trailer below:

Tyrion is also back on the scene but looks a bit concerned. Could more trouble have arrived to Meereen or has Daenerys returned with her dragon?

Sandor Clegane aka The Hound had some of his new friends killed, one of them, the man who saved him when Arya left him to die. Now he is out for revenge and one scene shows him swinging his axe in what could be a fatal blow.

The Hound, Game Of Thrones
The Hound gets his revenge in episode 8 Youtube/GameOfThrones