Last Man on Earth season 2
Jason Sudeikis as Mike Miller in The Last Man On Earth season 2 Fox

The Last Man On Earth season 2 returns after a three-month hiatus on 6 March at 930pm EST on Fox. Episode 11 is titled, Pitch Black, where Jason Sudeikis's character Mike Miller will crash land on Earth.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Mike Miller's (guest star Jason Sudeikis) space capsule careens through the sky toward Earth, finally putting him on the same planet as his big brother, Phil/Tandy (Will Forte). Mike thinks he is the last man on earth, but who knows what or whom he might encounter.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead

After his arrival on Earth, Mike will believe that he is the last person alive, but the synopsis teases that he will "encounter" someone. So is there a "Miller brother reunion" on the cards? Jacob Tremblay will be seen in a guest appearance as a young Phil Miller in the episode. Tremlay's character will appear to Mike in a haze after his space capsule lands on Earth.

Creator/executive producer Will Forte shared some details about the spring premiere episode. He told Entertainment Weekly, "We tried to do something a little bit different for this episode. It's weird because it's nothing like the show that people have watched so far, but it's very much the show at the same time."

"The second half of this season really starts with a splash. Boom!" he teased. The fall finale episode saw the other Phil flatlined on an operating table. His fate is revealed by the show's creator as Forte said, "Somehow, Phil lives. Actually, that's not a huge spoiler since there are three characters named Phil — two humans and one worm."