Limitless episode 3
Jennifer Carpenter as agent Rebecca Harris and Jake McDorman as Brian Finch CBS

Fans have taken a shine to CBS's new drama Limitless. The upcoming episode will explore more about Brian's personal life as he reconnects with his ex-flame. Episode 3 is titled The Legend Of Marcos Ramos and will air on Tuesday, 6 October at 10pm EST on CBS Networks.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

When Brian helps Agents Harris and Boyle investigate the murder of a retired FBI agent, they're shocked to find a link to the elusive head of a notorious drug cartel. Also, Brian reconnects with an old flame, Shauna (Analeigh Tipton) but worries her renewed interest is really in the NZT version of him, on Limitless.

Click here to watch the episode live on CBS All Access. You can watch the episode online by clicking here. The last episode saw Brian Finch getting used to working for the FBI and with his abilities he was able to solve a high profile murder case, but not without getting on the FBI's nerves and almost getting fired.

But agent Rebecca Harris had his back and also gave him his identity card as consultant for the FBI. On a personal front, Brian's father suspects that he is hiding something from him and when he tries to tell him about the whole issue, Senator Morra's agent, disguised as his father's nurse stops him and reminds him of the deal he made about not sharing his secret to anyone.

A new promo for the episode opens with the FBI leader telling everyone that one of their agents was killed using a high powered rifle, as an NZT-induced Brian says, "Where do you want me to start?" His smile immediately fades when agent Rebecca shows up with two bags of shredded files and asks him to sort them out.

Rebecca says, "When you are on the pill, you can do just about anything." The promo voice-over says, "Even the smartest mind can have a bad idea," as Brian shares his crazy idea that the "sniper is at least 6 ft 5 inches tall." Can Brian crack this new case for the FBI? We will have to wait and watch.