Lucifer, played by Tom Ellis, revealed his real devil's image to a scared Dr Linda in the last episode of the Fox series Lucifer/Fox

The otherwise witty and chatty Lucifer was seen drowning himself in alcohol and self-doubt as he questioned his true nature after killing his brother Uriel in the last episode. The Fox drama returns this week with season 2 episode 7 titled My Little Monkey, and the teaser hints that some humans might also be questioning their friendship with Morningstar, the devil himself.

Will the devil be able to get back to normal life after he showed Dr Linda his real bloody face? To find out, watch Lucifer season 2 episode 7 live online by clicking on the official website of Fox. My Little Monkey will air on the network on 7 November (Monday) at 9pm EST.

Fans of the fantasy series were treated to a major revelation last week in the form of Lucifer's real face, something that hawk-eyed viewers will know to be a weapon used by the lord of hell to scare defaulters on Earth.

Time flew by in episode 6 as Dr Linda gawked at the bloody image that she until now had misunderstood to be a metaphor used by Lucifer to explain his complications.

However, the truth might not be in the best interests of Morningstar as it will be revealed how the scary portrait has turned his loyal psychiatrist against him. "Lucifer is the devil, how can we be friends?" Linda questions Maze after admitting that she knows the true identity of their mutual friend.

Amid this dark humour and moments of heartfelt honesty, the upcoming episode is set to deliver an interesting twist in the form of Lucifer's love interest, detective Chloe Decker. As it turns out, Chloe will encounter a trying situation when she comes face to face with the real killer of her father in Monday's episode. Considering the close relationship shared by the detective and her late father, things might go south when the trigger is pulled.

Will Chloe kill someone in episode 7 of Lucifer? Catch up with the devil's feat on Mondays on Fox.