Originals season 3 episode 18
Klaus will be taken hostage in The Originals season 3 episode 18 The CW

The Mikaelson family will go up in arms against super vampire Lucien Castle, who has kidnapped Klaus in the upcoming chapter of The Originals season 3. Episode 18 is titled, The Devil Comes Here And Sighs, will air on 15 April at 9pm EST on The CW.

The official synopsis of the episode reads as follows:

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Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

In the previous episode, Lucien, who became a super-Original vampire, killed Finn as the Mikaelson family mourned the loss of their brother. Klaus swore to avenge Finn's death. Now, the latest promo shows Klaus saying, "Lucien has taken enough from us. If I can't kill him, I can at least track him down and make him suffer."

This is followed by a cat and mouse chase between Lucien and Klaus and the latter says, "Is this how the prophecy unfolds? In a pathetic game of hide and seek?"

Lucien then shows up and hits Klaus, and tells him, "You cannot beat me." He kidnaps Klaus and tells Elijah, "Niklaus will be dead by nightfall. Your family is doomed."

Going by the promo, it seems like Klaus is in some serious trouble. So what do you think, will Elijah succeed in saving his brother? To know more watch the upcoming episode of The Originals on 15 April on The CW.