The Originals Season 3
The Originals season 3 official poster The CW

Elijah and Finn Mikaelson will travel to Mystic Falls to save their sister Freya from Lucien in The Originals season 3's upcoming chapter, when they will run into The Vampire Diaries's Matt Donovan. Episode 17 titled Behind the Black Horizon will air on 8 April at 9pm EST on The CW.

The synopsis reads as follows:

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Executive producer Michael Narducci spoke to TVLine about Matt's appearance and if he would go against the two Original brothers in the episode. Speaking about the special episode, the producer said: "I really hesitate to call this episode a crossover. I would say it's an appearance — a special guest appearance — but I wouldn't call it a crossover and get fans believing we're doing some big epic thing. It's a small story, though we do get to see a pretty nice payoff to it."

According to Narducci, Matt being a human will stand his ground against the two Original vampire. He said: "Matt's just a human but he's brave, and I've always admired that about him. It's interesting to see Matt come face to face with this threat level that is so far greater than what he can reasonably deal with. Yet, without flinching, he stands his ground. That's something I've always admired."

Previously, Stefan Salvatore from TVD's Mystic Falls also crossed over to New Orleans in The Originals season 3 episode 14.