A video has captured the dramatic moment a white supremacist threatened police with a knife after he used the weapon to slash the throats of two men on a train, on Friday in Portland, Oregon.

Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, was reportedly yelling anti-Islam slurs at two young women – one in a hijab – when several men confronted the convicted felon.

He then pulled out the knife and slit the throats of two men, identified as Army veteran Ricky John Best, 54, and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Mache, before stabbing but not seriously injuring a third, Micah Fletcher.

Moments after the gruesome double murder, by-standers captured the scene as Oregon's Portland Police Department tried to detain Christian.

As the suspect was closed in on by several squad cars, with officers pointing pistols at him behind car doors, Christian could be seen waving the knife within feet of officers' faces while yelling a tirade of abuse.

"Well, shoot me then. Shoot me then. F**k you. You ain't shit," he could be heard saying.

However, police did not react and Christian was arrested moments later. At Multnomah County Detention Center, he was charged with two counts of aggravated murder, one of attempted murder, possession of a restricted weapon and intimidation in the second degree, a hate crime offence.

After his arrest, it emerged that Christian was a strident supporter of the "alt-right" and openly shared neo-Nazi and antisemitic material on social media.

In one video, he can be seen making the Nazi salute while wearing the American flag draped on his back, while in one Facebook post, he wrote: "If Trump is Hitler, I'm joining his SS. Jihadi Muslims are going to the ovens."

Following Christian's arrest, a candlelight vigil was later held outside the Hollywood Transit Center, where the attack happened, in which several speakers praised the courage of the men who stood up to the racism.

A fundraising page for the families of the victims, under the banner of Muslims Unite for Portland Heroes, has since raised over $175,000 (£136,600).

Jeremy Joseph Christian
Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, was charged with suspicion of murder and attempted murder. Multnomah County Detention Center