Simon Asher (Tate Ellington) has been a friend to Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) when she was in desperate need of one while she was pursuing the terrorist in the last two episodes of Quantico. The drama with the terrorist will follow in the upcoming episode titled Care.

Simon, who has been helping Alex, could be putting his life in danger. Fans need to watch the episode to find out what might happen to Simon in the following episodes. According to the ABC's synopsis of the upcoming episode: "In the future, Simon will continue to help Alex try to find the terrorist, but doing so will put his own life in great risk."

The episode's synopsis also reads: "Liam and Miranda challenge the Nats to smuggle themselves back into the US. At Quantico, the NATS' current assignment will be to learn about human trafficking when Liam and Miranda challenge them to cross the US/Canadian border without passports."

Every time someone tries to help Alex with her plans they end up in trouble. In the previous episode, Alex's friend Hannah (Eliza Coupe) lost her job after she managed to save Claire (Marcia Cross) from getting assassinated.

The promo video of the episode shows that Simon's assistance in finding out the terrorist may bear fruit. At the end of the trailer, a voice tells Alex to hand over a phone to someone in a car. Alex is left in utter surprise when the car window roll down to reveal the person in the vehicle. Who could it be? Could it be the terrorists?

Alex's task in the upcoming episode is her last for the terrorist. This, however, is not good news as she risks not hearing back from them. "This will be the final mission that Alex must do for the Voice, and if she does it, she risks not hearing from them again and therefore not being able to track them down, so the question is, will she or will she not do the final mission she is tasked for, and what exactly is that mission?" the show's executive producer Joshua Safran told Entertainment Weekly.

Guest stars for Care include Drew Perales (Lenny Platt), Iris Chang (Li Jun Li) and Will Olsen Jay (Armstrong Johnson).

Episode 17 air 10 on April at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. Click here to watch the episode via live stream online (The link is visible only in the US).