Scandal season 5
Fitz and Olivia's steamy reunion was leaked by an unknown person ABC

The extremely intimate moments between Olivia and Fitz resulted in a huge controversy during the premiere episode of Scandal season 5 after an unknown person leaked the pictures of Olitz's private moments. The second episode of ABC's White House thriller will deal with the aftermath of the sex-picture leak.

The synopsis of Episode 2 titled Yes, reveals that the President will start hunting for the person who tried to malign his and Liv's relationship, while the Pope daughter will take up a case that will allow her to avoid the media glare for some time. Here is the full description of the upcoming episode: "The Pope and Associates team dives into a new case that takes Olivia out of D.C. and away from the President. Meanwhile, back at the White House, Fitz is determined to find who's responsible for causing the latest turn of events, and Abby receives unexpected guidance from a master of damage control as she struggles to catch a break."

The series is expected to take major twists in the current season as show creator Shonda Rhimes has hinted that every single thing in Liv's life with take a major turn. This is evident from the ending of the premiere episode where the Pope daughter discovers that princess Emily is pregnant and it is Prince Richard's mother who plotted her murder as the princess is bearing the child of her bodyguard.

The incident has left Olivia disturbed. She confesses to Fitz that she does not want a life under the media glare and suffer like Princess Emily. However, her fate takes another drastic turn when Sally Langston shows pictures of the two of them together inside the White House - clear evidence of Olitz's secret relationship.

Watch the second episode live stream online by clicking here. Scandal season 5 airs every Thursday on ABC network.