Kate Upton
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While Kate Upton makes it look all too easy, posing in stunning outfits on magazine covers, her latest stint for Sports Illustrated is proof that models, at times, have to take a tumble as well.

The glamorous swimsuit model was posing for the 2018 issue of the SI magazine in Aruba, when a giant wave knocked an unsuspecting Upton off the rock. The scary moment was captured on cameras and was recently shared by the magazine on Instagram, leaving fans absolutely shocked.

"Whoops! Things got a little rocky on @kateupton's #SISwim 2018 shoot in Aruba!" a description posted alongside the clip read. In the video, the 25-year-old model – who was decked in a gigantic tulle skirt minus any top – appeared to have narrowly avoided a mishap as she held a crew member's hand for her dear life.

Despite the fall, Upton managed to escape any major disaster during the racy shoot as she joked to SI, "I felt like I was laughing in the face of death."

"It didn't look that large from my point of view, but it must have hit the rock just right and caught on," the model wife of MLB star Justin Verlander is heard explaining in the video shot back in October.

She later told the magazine that "I really saw the vision for the photo, but as I climbed on the rock, I did look down and was like, 'this is going to end badly.'"

"Everybody was very scared especially MJ," the blonde beauty added, recalling the incident and the reaction of SI editor MJ Day.

Although Upton sounded pretty composed, the video has undoubtedly sparked a frenzy amongst concerned fans.

"Hope she didn't her legs cut or scraped up," one Instagram user commented.

A second wrote, "This is too funny but damn it looked like it hurt! Surely they knew this was inevitable after the first wave hit the rock."

And someone responded, "[I] was thinking the same exact thing. He just watched her go. That could have turned out deadly if she hit her head."

"This is the most dramatic thing I've ever seen," added another fan.