This is what it look like when you're going wild with friends in an elevator and then Bill Nye walks in.

Savanah Prosch and her friends were in an elevator in Las Vegas on September 22, on their way to the hotel pool, happily spending their time dancing in the mirror, until Bill Nye got on and left them all starstruck.

The Science Guy was surprised to see them. But not as surprised – or mortified – as they were to be sharing an elevator with the Netflix star, who was fully clothed and sporting his trademark bow tie.

Prosch's friend Madison Bubb was nearest the elevator doors when they opened and upon realising it was Nye entering the lift, was physically shocked as the group of friends let out more than a few "Oh my Gods".

Prosch told Storyful she think he "wasn't expecting to see a bunch of girls try to pretend like they weren't just doing something he definitely saw," but added that Nye was "super nice and polite though said hello girls, asked if we wanted pictures".

They were in Las Vegas for the Life is Beautiful music and art festival, which Nye appeared at on the same date this video was shot.

Bill Nye elevator las vegas
Savana Prosch and her friends met Bill Nye in the elevator Twitter/@Savmasta