Star Wars Rebels season 2
Ezra with Jedi Master Yoda in Star Wars Rebels season 2 episode 18 Disney XD/Screenshot

Jedi Master Yoda will make an appearance to warn Ezra Bridger about the Dark Side and its temptations in the upcoming episode of Star Wars Rebels season 2. Episode 18 titled Shroud Of Darkness will air this Wednesday (2 March) at 9pm ET on Disney XD.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

The rebels return to the Jedi Temple on Lothal in order to find guidance on how the Inquisitors continue to track them. They once again meet Jedi Master Yoda and encounter a number of Force visions about the future, the past, and old friends.

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Frank Oz will voice Yoda as Matt Lanter returns as Anakin Skywalker in the episode where Kanan Jarrus, Ezra and Ahsoka Tano return to the Jedi Temple on Lothal to seek Yoda's advice. A promo for the episode shows Ahsoka and Ezra discussing about the legendary Master Yoda.

Ahsoka says: " He was wise, kind. But when I was young he seemed happier, as the Clone War dragged on, he carried a great burden, a deep sorrow, as if he knew before anyone else that one time was ending and another was beginning."

Then we see Ezra floating mid-air and in shock as he says: "Whoa, I know this place," as Yoda appears and says: "Special to you it is." Ezra then happily greets him and says: "Last time I couldn't see you."

Yoda then points out that Ezra's Force is growing and warns him that with his growing ability, dangers are also rising. Meanwhile, Ezra will be tempted to the Dark Side like Anakin. It will be interesting to see if he caves in or fights it off.

Another promo for the episode shows Kanan encountering a temple guard, who has been awaiting his return. Kanan says: "I have come for knowledge, I need to know how to defeat Vader, and his Inquisitors."

The temple guard explains: "Try to fight and you will fail. Rebellion destroyed. You will die, and your apprentice [Ezra] will become a servant of evil." Then he points out that the Dark Side is pulling Ezra and that eventually he will be consumed by it.

The guard then asks Kanan to stand aside and says: "The boy must be eliminated before he embraced the darkness." But Kanan fights for Ezra and says: "I won't let that happen." The duo then engage in a light saber duel.