Sheep versus cat
A lamb runs away as the cat versus sheep showdown is about to get real Rune Venes/YouTube

Look at the furry little troll, mewing smugly as he parades around the sheep enclosure, taunting the woolly inmates.

Understandably, one of the sheep has a little sniff of the cat, trying to work out who the hell this fuzzy tosser thinks he is.

Then BAM! Three left paw jabs by the cat on the sheep's nose, followed by a Tysonesqe nibble at his face, and then a right hook.

The sheep, undeterred, keeps going in for a sniff, and the one-sided brawl continues. Then the cat, hubristic, makes a fatal error - he turns his back on the sheep.

With a swift headbutt, the sheep nails the cat into next week in some sweet, sweet animal kingdom justice.

It's a brutal knockout and a hard lesson learned for the humiliated cat, which sensibly runs away.

The video was shared on YouTube by Rune Venes, who wrote: "No sheep or cats were hurt in this video (I think...)."

You can watch the video here.