Clyde meets Elizabeth and John Hawkes and work begins on the tunnel Courtesy of WGN America

Underground's third episode The Lord's Prayer airs this week on WGN. In the last episode, we saw Noah's plans to escape the Macon plantation take shape, while visiting William Still, John and Elizabeth Hawkes help save their first slave.

In the episode three trailer, we see that while the slaves who are planning to make a break from the plantation have managed to forge fake freedom papers they still need to apply the master's seal to each. Rosalee is the only one among them with access to Mr Macon's office and is given the task of stealing the seal. But the master finds it missing before she can put it back and all hell breaks loose.

Since the culprit can't be identified, all the slaves are subjected to punishment. In episode one, we saw how just a few lashes of the whip left bleeding welts on the skin. This time around, Tom Macon threatens to deal out 50 lashes per slave if the culprit behind the theft is not found. Will Rosalee come forward as the thief or will all the slaves have to suffer?

In Washington, John and Elizabeth find themselves drawn into the dangerous slave-rescuing enterprise. A tunnel is being dug to their house through which slaves who run away will be able to find safe passage but if the authorities find out about it, both of them will find themselves behind bars.

Back in Georgia, Tom is a hair's breadth from discovering the escape plan. Will Noah and his crew get caught?

To know what happens, watch Underground episode 3 on 23 March, 10pm EST on Crackle, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.