Jussie Smollet
Jussie Smollet of Empire makes an appearance in Underground\'s episode 4 Youtube screen grab/UndergroundWGN

WNG America's new TV drama Underground has aired three episodes and already things have heated up for the show's key protagonists. In episode three, Noah and Rosalee smuggle aboard a cart and escape the Macon plantation after the young housemaid killed the white overseer when he tried to rape her.

In Washington, John and Elizabeth Hawkes's efforts to help the runaway slaves escape led them into trouble, with the episode ending with an escaped slave holding a knife to John's neck.

The trailer for episode four titled Firefly introduces Jussie Smollet from the TV show Empire as the runaway slave, who is out for revenge after his wife was sold off. This leads him to the Hawkes because he believes John is the one who sold her. He has come for blood and it doesn't look like he's leaving without it.

But really... could John, who has been fighting for the freedom of slaves, have a history of owning and selling them? By the way, Jussie happens to be Jurnee Smollett-Bell aka Rosalee's real-life elder brother.

Back in Georgia, Tom Macon is enraged that Noah and Rosalee have escaped... after all in episode one he boasted about never having lost a slave in the 20 years he ran the plantation. Bring out the dogs!

However, their escape will not go down well with the rest of the group of slaves, who were hoping to run away together. Will they continue with their plans or has the young couple's impulsive move killed all their chances?

To know what happens, watch Underground episode 4 on 31 March, 10pm EST on Crackle, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video and Sidereel.