An ungrateful cow showed little appreciation for having been rescued from a drainage ditch, opting to charge its rescuers a short time later.

Firefighters and police officers in St Lucie County, Florida struggled in pouring rain to free the bovine from the water-filled ditch.

The ditch was eight feet deep and the cow would have likely drowned if not for the timely intervention.

The rescue workers initially attempted to pull the cow out using their hands, but had little success.

But when District Chief Mike Merrit arrived, he suggested using 2x4 planks to provide leverage.

The workers were then able to support the cow on the wood and pull it out by its legs, rolling it onto its back.

Upon emerging from the hole, the cow rose unsteadily to its feet, legs wobbling. But, apparently in shock from its experience, it quickly gathered itself and turned on its rescuers.

The unexpected charge caused the emergency workers to flee to avoid being hurt.

One can be heard to ask the ungrateful beast: "Do you want to go back in the hole?"

It is unclear how the cow first became stuck.