In the previous episode titled Rick And Roll Queen, Zak Yankovich was involved in a brawl with Richie Finestra in the elevator of Brill Building after learning the truth HBO/facebook

In season 1 episode 9 of Vinyl, Ray Romano's character Zak Yankovich came to know that Richie Finestra had gambled away his money, which led him to feel betrayed. In the season 1 finale episode titled, Alibi, Zak will be looking to take his revenge by targeting Richie's partner Devon played by Olivia Wilde ahead of the Alibi label launch.

In the previous episode, Zak was involved in a brawl with Richie in the elevator of the Brill Building, after he learnt that the latter was responsible for his monetary loss. Richie also found himself in jail and had to cut a deal with the Feds, who pressured him to turn informant and help them nail the mob boss Corrado Galasso (Armen Garo). If Richie had not accepted the deal, he would have been tried for the murder of Buck Rogers.

In the latest promo, of the upcoming episode, Richie says: "An Alibi is no excuse for bad behaviour. But from now on, I am not make any more excuse." Later, the voice-over says: "There are brothers outside the door who will stick a knife in you for a dollar." To which Richie responds, "I know five people who would do it for free."

At very end of the trailer the voice-over says: "Big changes are coming." Then a gunshot is heard, with Richie screaming, "No."

The synopsis of the finale episode reads as follows:

"Feeling betrayed by Richie, Zak maps out a dangerous plan to bring down his partner as the Alibi label launch approaches. Kip's jealousy toward Alex threatens to derail the Nasty Bits just as they're about to take the stage for the most important gig of their career. Clark and Jorge's efforts pay off. Richie is privy to the birth of a legendary music venue."

The season 1 finale episode of Vinyl airs on 17 April at 9pm EDT on HBO. Click here to watch it live on HBO Go or you can also watch it via live stream by clicking here (only in the US).