Without Vince McMahon's vision the WWE might not be what it is today. He is said to be a hands-on owner who cares about even minute details that he thinks could play a role in pushing the company to the next level.

This attitude of McMahon has made the company the number one pro-wrestling promotion in the world but sometimes his ideas and decisions appear a bit strange as with his recent decision to rename T.J. Perkins to just TJP.

On the recent Wrestling Observer's Bryan and Vinny show, Alvarez revealed that he was told by a WWE source that McMahon made former cruiserweight champion T.J. Perkins change his name to just "TJP" because he hates the restaurant chain Perkins, and does not want his brand to have any kind of association with the dining chain.

"I was told this by someone in WWE, and I believe it...TJP is no longer TJ Perkins...sure as shit, Vince apparently HATES "Perkins" (restaurant). He hates it, and he thinks it sucks...and he thinks that if people hear TJ Perkins, they're gonna think of the fucking restaurant. So now he's TJP," Alvarez said, according to Bleeding Cool.

It was previously reported that McMahon had almost killed The Undertaker with one of his ideas. Initially, McMahon had thought of making Mark Calaway do a Viking gimmick but fortunately for fans that did not materialise.

"[Undertaker] is an impressive guy, he had the size. In the business, they call the 'it factor,' and if you're on the business on the executive side, it's hard to find the words to describe 'it,' I can't explain it, but he has 'it' and I guess another word for it is natural charisma and [Undertaker] had it. Vince's first reaction was 'maybe he could be a Viking with the helmet and the horns'," former WWE creative writer and leader of The Four Horsemen, JJ Dillion said on the Fightful's podcast, The List & Ya Boy.

"He just saw this guy and Vince had a really creative mind. He had a department [Vince] would take somebody and turn this person over to this department and say to look at them, their body, their features, play with him and feed me some ideas. In all the years that went by, I think the Undertaker is the great wrestling character/persona that has ever lived in the WWE/F. Hands down."