The man was shot dead by members of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in Hebron, southern West Bank. Getty Images

A Palestinian man has been reportedly shot dead by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) during clashes n Hebron, southern West Bank.

The man was identified as Muhamad Jawabreh, 22.

He died after he was taken to the nearest hospital following the shooting.

IDF says it used live fire after rubber bullets and tear gas failed to disperse Palestinians rioting at a refugee camp in West Bank.

The incident occurred one day after three stabbing attacks were carried out against Israeli civilians.

The first attack took place in Tel-Aviv where a Palestinian man stabbed an Israeli soldier. Police said it could be a possible terrorist attack.

The Tel-Aviv stabbing was followed by two other attacks. The second occurred near a settlement in the West Bank, where a 25-year-old woman died after she was stabbed by a man, who also injured two other people.

A few minutes later, a man was arrested in Jerusalem for attempting to stab an Israeli security guard.

The attacks came as tensions are escalating in the region following several hit-and-run attacks carried out against Israelis by Palestinian militants in Jerusalem in recent weeks.

Following the attacks, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israeli Arabs who are against Israel and in favour of the creation of a Palestinian state can move to Palestinian territory or Gaza.