iPhone or Android: Which Smartphone Should You Buy?
We look at the best smartphones on the market today from the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Nokia and HTC.

We have reached the mid-way point of 2014 and with the exception of Apple, we have seen all the major smartphone manufacturers launch their flagship phones for the year, with LG's G3 the latest to go on sale.

Along with the high-priced smartphones like the Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) there have been some very interesting releases at the budget end of the market from the likes of Nokia and Motorola.

But with so many smartphones on the market, it is sometimes hard to know which are the best, so we've put together our list of eight smartphones which we think are the best on the market at the moment:


  • Price: £480

The latest big release of 2014, LG's G3 features a big 5.5in screen with a super-sharp resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels making it the best smartphone screen on the market, bar none.

Android 5.0 Update for LG G3 Users in UK and US Imminent: OS Upgrade Begins Rollout form South Korea This Week
IBTimes UK

Along with the impressive screen, the G3's big selling point is its camera's laser auto-focus which claims to be able to focus on a subject faster than a blink of an eye.

The G3 is a seriously impressive phone from LG, and is a challenger to anything on offer from Samsung, HTC or Sony.

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Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Price: £549

Samsung is the world's biggest smartphone manufacturer, but has seen growth (particularly at the high end of the market) stutter in the last year, meaning the Galaxy S5 had a lot of pressure on its shoulders.

With high-end internal hardware, a fingerprint reader and a heart-rate monitor, Samsung is clearly going after the health and fitness market with its latest smartphone.

However the continued use of plastic in the phone's construction left some people unconvinced.

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HTC One M8

  • Price: £549

HTC won huge critical acclaim and plaudits for the original One which was launched in 2013 - even if that didn't prevent the company's financial situation.

HTC One M8 Review

The successor - called the HTC One M8 - may have a clunky name, but is an even better phone that the original.

Beautiful design and flawless build quality make this one of the best put together phones ever. It also introduces the Duo Camera which features a second depth sensor to let you create some funky effects post capture.

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Motorola Moto E

  • Price: £79 (plus £10 top-up)

The Moto E sits at the opposite end of the smartphone spectrum to the Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and LG G3, but is still worthy of inclusion in a list of the best smartphones of 2014.

The Moto E may not have a cutting-edge processor or super sharp resolution screen, but at £80 it offers huge value.

Impressive performance and a near pure-Android experience makes this a perfect entry-level device for those looking to take their first step on the smartphone ladder.

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Nexus 5

  • Price: £299

The Nexus 5 may not necessarily have been launched in 2014, but it is still just eight months old, having gone on sale in November 2013.

Google Nexus 5 Review

The Nexus 5 is the latest phone which has been built by Google in partnership with LG and offers premium hardware at a mid-tier price of £299.

The deep integration of hardware and software - which is the point of the Nexus program - helps this smartphone shine and gives you high-end performance for a lower price.

The only let down is the rather perfunctory camera.

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iPhone 5s

  • Price: £549

The whole tech world may be salivating about two new bigger iPhone 6 models coming later this year, but if you need a new smartphone and you only want the Apple experience then the iPhone 5s is your best bet.

With its 4in screen it may seem puny compared to the G3's monster 5.5in screen, but with impeccable design, flawless build quality and a huge trove of high quality apps available, the iPhone 5s is still a great phone.

Add to that the fingerprint reader (which actually works) and the M7 motion co-processor to continually monitor your movement, and the iPhone 5s offers great features - if not great value.

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HTC One Mini 2

  • Price: £349 (plus £10 top-up)

Like Sony and Samsung, HTC is now in the practice of releasing a scaled-down version of its flagship model with the HTC One Mini 2 this year's strangely titled model.

HTC One M8 vs HTC One Mini 2
The HTC One Mini 2 on top of the HTC One M8

The phone is well-built, well-designed, and despite not having the most cutting-edge technology, has enough power to easily meet most people's needs. It has a great screen and decent battery life, and is much easier to use in one hand than most of 2014's flagship smartphones.

The phone has some more plastic than the full-size HTC One M8 and lacks the Duo Camera, but at a much more wallet-friendly price, this is easily one of the best smartphones released this year.

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Sony Xperia Z2

Price: £539

Sony has been on a roll since it launched the original Xperia Z last year. Since then we've have the Xperia Z1 and earlier this year the company revealed its latest model, the Xperia Z2.

Sony has played up the waterproof nature of its smartphones for some time now, and that's no different here and it seems to be working as the likes of Samsung and LG have both copied this feature for their flagship devices.

While the large size and hefty £600 price tag may put some off, the excellent screen, the great camera, flawless build quality and fast performance make the Xperia Z2 a serious challenger to the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and eventually the iPhone 6 when Apple launch it later this year.

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