Having a partner like football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo makes gift-giving quite complicated. Georgina Rodriguez needs to find something that her partner does not already have, and those things are relatively few considering the fact that he is one of the highest earning athletes in the world.

However, this Christmas, Rodriguez managed to think of something that brought a smile to the currently unemployed footballer's face. As seen on her Instagram, the Spanish beauty gifted the former Manchester United forward with another new luxury vehicle.

It is no secret that Ronaldo is a car enthusiast, and he owns a fleet of luxury vehicles that travel with him whenever he changes clubs. This time, he is the proud new owner of a Rolls Royce Dawn 2022.

The new ride reportedly costs around 356,000 US dollars, a hefty sum even for the rich and famous. She made the big reveal while wearing a festive red dress, as seen in the video shared on Instagram. She first walked past their dining table decorated for what appears to be a holiday meal, before walking out the door with Ronaldo and their children.

He looked pleased as he first laid his eyes on the white car, which was tied with a giant red bow. The family then sat in the car as Ronaldo tested out the retractable roof.

Also in the reel, the children received their own sets of wheels. However, they would have to settle for bicycles for the time being.

Ronaldo thanked his partner on social media, saying "Thank you my love," on Instagram stories along with a photo of the Rolls Royce.

For now, it appears as though the car will remain in the family's estate in Madrid. However, if Ronaldo signs a deal with a new club in January, the familiar moving trucks may soon come to pick up his fleet of vehicles to be transported to his new home.

Ronaldo is strongly being linked with Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr, who are believed to be ready to offer a lucrative deal. However, the reports remain unconfirmed, and Ronaldo is currently back home in Spain following a short trip to Dubai.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo (C) seen in training with Portugal teammates AFP / PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA