Half Life 3

Just like all of you, we at IBTimes UK are desperately waiting for Valve to announce Half Life 3. However, even though there have been many rumours and purported leaks related to the elusive Half Life 2 sequel, it doesn't look like Valve is going to talk about the game any time soon.

In the mean time, it's best that we spend our time reliving all the wonderful moments from Half Life and Half Life 2. Keeping this in mind, IB Times UK will now start sharing high quality Half Life and Half Life 2 content under the banner: 'What To Do While Waiting For Half Life 3.'

Yesterday, YouTube user 'quadrazid' shared an amazing video of the classic FPS title, Half Life, being finished in about twenty minutes. Watch the video below to understand how he did it.

Fan Made Cinematic Half Life 3 Trailer

In other Half Life 3 news, Deviant Pictures Films released an amazing Fan Made Cinematic Half Life 3 trailer. For those of you who missed our post on it, check it out here.

Half Life 3 Mod in Half Life 2

Fake Factory's Cinematic Mod for Half Life 2 serves up some Half Life 3 goodness -- high resolution textures and more realistic facial depiction, apart from other things. It is now in the alpha 12 stage and has been consistently pushing the boundaries of HL2's capabilities, a game that was released almost ten years ago. Read more about it here.