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Facebook users have been urged to be careful with what information they share online Reuters

Writing list of concerts you have been to on social media may seem harmless, but serious security concerns have been raised about the latest game to go viral online.

Facebook's most recent online craze follows the likes of the Blue Whale Game and the ice bucket challenge, but it seems it could pose a risk to your online safety.

In the game, Facebook users share the first 10 concerts they have been too, sometimes including one fake gig.

But "first gig you went to" is often one of the security questions which banks and other organisations ask when setting up an account. Revealing that information online, even in an innocent online post, could make you more vulnerable to hackers.

Speaking to the BBC, cyber-security expert Prof Alan Woodward, from the University of Surrey, said: "I wouldn't do it. But it's difficult to tell people not to take part, as it is part of their social interaction and has become the norm.

"What I would say is to think very carefully about what you are putting into the public domain."

People are warned not to use social media to advertise their holidays, allowing criminals to know which houses could be empty.

There had been some suggestions that the concert question had been set up by the criminal underworld, but Prof Woodward dismissed that theory.

Experts have warned social media users to steer clear of such games and avoid posting information that could open themselves up for hacking.