As we all know, when shopping for the future King and Queen of England, finding the perfect gift can be a minefield. What do you buy a couple that could possibly have it all? Anything and everything is happily accepted it would seem.

From hats to handtowels, it appears that the Kate Middleton and Prince William could be running out of storage space after the wacky and standout gifts the couple received on the tours last year was officially published.

The impressive list range from a blue hat given to the Duchess from Canada's Minister of Alberta Health and Wellness during their visit last summer, as well as a framed aboriginal artwork the Mayor of the City of Ipswich in Australia presented them with during their visit 'Down Under' in March 2011.

Other heart-warming gifts found amongst the life supply of hand towels and scented sops include caribou antler goggles, a dragonfly brooch and a rag doll given by three anonymous Canadians.

Also to make the list was a lavish polar bear shaped platinum designer brooch with 302 diamonds from the Premier of The Northwest Territories.

Gifts that proved more practical included a the jar of Vegemite, the Australian local equivalent of Marmite, that an individual who bumped into Prince William gave him when they were on a tour of Australia last year and the three pairs of shoes from the Canadian ministry of foreign affairs and a quilt from the governor-general.

According to palace officials, from their visit to California this summer, the royal newlyweds also received an iPad from the California governor and a teddy bear from the chief of staff to the British ambassador, and four coasters from the Santa Barbara county coroner.