Beyonce shocked woman
This woman's reaction to seeing Beyoncé has become an internet meme. Beyoncé's Instagram

Most people would be gobsmacked if music royalty Queen B and Jay Z were in the same room as them: fact.

As proof, an unnamed woman has found herself in the middle of an internet storm after bumping into the pair in a New York hotel.

Her reaction has become a meme.

She was pictured open-mouthed beside the famous couple after she ran into them in a hotel hallway. A photo of the moment was shared by Beyoncé on Instagram.

People were quick to respond. One user said the woman's reaction was "all of us". It was an "accurate representation of me when I see Beyoncé," another added.

One caption said: "When you realise you're lucky to be alive during the same era as Beyoncé".

Another tweet gushed: "this has me weak cause she could've easily cropped that woman out but she said "NO. I AM BEYONCÉ. WATCH HOW THE PEASANTS LOOK AT ME"".