Boris Johnson looks like he's swallowed a lot of things, mostly cake and confectionery, but one thing in particular that seems to have tumbled down his gullet is a thesaurus.

The Eton-then-Oxford educated Tory, who is the current foreign secretary and former Mayor of London, has a flamboyant way with words.

So much so that his ornate lexical caricatures of people and places - for which he is often getting in trouble - are sometimes reminiscent of one of the greatest children's authors to have ever lived: Roald Dahl.

As the general election campaign got going, Johnson reached into his belly, flicked through his thesaurus, and insulted the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn by calling him a "mutton-headed old mugwump" in a column for The Sun.

Dahl's poetic use of language, with his mix of made up words, onomatopoeia, and lurid descriptions, can be seen across all his work, such as Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

And it's immediately recognisable as Dahl. Or is it?

Test your knowledge with our quiz. We've taken Boris Johnson's quotes and clips from Roald Dahl's books to see if you can tell which is which.