After a bitter and public breakup with long time girlfriend Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown is now looking at winning his ex-flame Rihanna back.

Even as the Loyal singer's abusive past with RiRi is fresh in the minds of fans, RiRi's father has reportedly forgiven Chris and speaks of him as a "good person".

"Chris is a nice guy and everybody's entitled to make mistakes in their life. God knows how many I've made," Ronald Fenty, Rihanna's father, told the Heat magazine.

Does this mean that there is a green signal for the rapper to start afresh with the 26-year-old pop diva?

Recently, the singer Instagramed his feelings saying "how he doesn't want to stay alone", and it appears that he is still confused between ex-girlfriends RiRi and Karrueche.

"We cling to music, to poems, to writing, to art because we desperately do not want to be alone. We want to know we aren't going crazy and someone else out there knows exactly how you're feeling. We want someone to explain the things we can't", the recording artist wrote on Instagram.

Chris opened his heart about his feelings for RiRi in a 2012 song titled 'How I Feel'. In the song Chris has spoken about his feelings for RiRi, whom he physically abused during their on-again off-again relationship.

"All alone sleeping in my bedroom, as I wet the sheets my mama gonna be dead soon," Brown raps in his new song. "Cause her man beat her, but he don't realize she's important to this family like a heirloom."

"Nineteen, went through a tragedy. Three years, just found a better me. Yeah, you might find another lover, but you always started with Breezy like the letter B," he continues.

Brown and Rihanna split in 2009 after he was charged with physically assaulting her on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

The 25-year-old pop star was forced to serve 180 days of community service, however, RiRi and her father claims that they have forgiven him for the assault.

Chris was recently linked up with Kendall Jenner and Amber Rose as well, but his deep and emotional quotes suggest that he wants to win only one back.