US President Donald Trump has been urged to include a 'welcome message' in his new immigration order.

The Republican's original travel ban put a temporary block on entry to the US for citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries, prompting protests at international airports in the US and resulting in it being blocked by a federal judge.

After the block on the travel ban was upheld by a federal court of appeals, Trump's administration began drafting an alternative order on immigration – which is expected to exclude Iraq from the list of banned countries.

But travel groups have urged the president to be just as clear on who is welcome to the country, with the US Travel Association asking the president to stress the country does want people to visit for tourism and business purposes.

"Security is a top priority for the U.S. travel community, but it's critical to balance both sides of the ledger: make clear who is not welcome, but also who remains welcome," Roger Dow, the US Travel Association president and CEO told The Hill.

"Not doing so would be to double-down on doubts, discontent and division that risk significant economic harm."

Trump has not yet released his new travel order, but it is expected to be released this week and is thought to include a number of changes from the original, controversial, order, including a change regarding Syrian refugees.

The previous travel order indefinitely banned Syrian refugees from entering the US, whereas the new order is expected to include refugees from Syria in the suspension of the US Refugees Admission Program for 120 days.