Scream airs on Tuesdays on MTV Scream/MTV

Scream season 2 has been building on a mystery since episode 1 involving the Lakewood teens and has been kept gory scenes to the minimal, which is unlike the previous season of the MTV thriller series. As the season finale approaches, fans are expecting that the show delivers some action and discloses long-drawn mysteries. Episode 9 titled The Orphanage airs on Tuesday, and has been titled after the 2007 horror drama.

Click here to watch the episode live online on MTV's official website in the US. The episode will air on 26 July at 10pm EST on MTV.

The official synopsis of the upcoming episode teases that the killer's favourite pawn, Emma, will once again come into the limelight as she and her once good friend Audrey "will discover some truths".

"Emma and Audrey learn why they are being targeted," the description reads, "Noah loses something that is dear to him; a long-missing body of evidence is located."

It remains to be seen whether the missing body is that of Brandon James or not.

A sneak peek for Tuesday's episode revealed that there's going to be a major conflict between Emma and Audrey, as the former realises her friend's role in the Piper case. "All that stuff about Piper, everything that she said it was just a lie," a distraught Brooke asks Emma after learning the truth.

Soon after this, the distressed teen is seen confronting Audrey, which leads to some violent exchanges between the two.

Meanwhile, Noah and Audrey will also have a feud, as she blames him for intentionally recording their conversation in the trailer of the upcoming episode. Noah tries his best to convince his ally about his innocence, but an enraged Audrey dismisses his excuses.

The Lakewood five are set to face some revelations, horror and dangers ahead as the season finale approaches. If the synopsis is any indication, Noah might lose someone/thing close to him. Could it be Zoe?

Watch the penultimate episode of MTV Scream on Tuesday to find out secrets about the killer.