Game of Thrones season 8
Cersei is all alone in the Kings Landing after her incestuous lover Jamie left her to fight against the White Walker's army HBO

Game Of Thrones season 8 will be the final season of the HBO blockbuster and there are hundreds of fan theories regarding the fate of its lead characters, Cersei and Jaime Lannister, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen and the Stark siblings, Sansa, Arya and Bran.

The final GoT season will reveal the real reason behind the Night King's fascination towards the humans and why he is marching south with his army, which consists of tens of thousands of wights. A wild fan theory has emerged on Reddit that predicts the real reason behind the advance of the White Walkers towards the realm.

According to the user, the king of the undead is trying to reach Gods Eye. "I predict the Night King is going directly to the Gods Eye. Maybe he has been trying to reach the Gods Eye for centuries and man has always denied this passage. Therefore he has the mentality of removing all obstacles in his way. The Isle of Faces, in the middle of the Gods Eye, is where the pact between man and the COTF [Children of the Forest] happened. The rich history of the COTF can be found here," the user wrote.

Tywin, the evil Lannister father, first mentioned Gods Eye in season one. The Isle of Faces is situated at the centre of Kings Landing and according to GoT legend, it was at the island of weirwood trees that the Children of the Forest and the First Men struck a peace deal more than 10,000 years ago.

The user named twerkmileyy claims that there is some magical property in the place, and it is in order to retrieve it that the Night King is going on a killing spree of everyone hindering his advance towards Kings Landing. The Redditor also predicts that Cersei will be killed by the White Walkers since she is all alone in the city.

A major twist at the end of season 7 turned the entire plot of the fantasy series on its head when Jon Snow's identity was revealed as Aegon Targaryen, the legitimate son of Lyanna Stark and Aerys Targaryen and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones
The King of the White Walkers is ready for battle Youtube/GameofThrones

In the same episode, the Night King advanced towards the South, thanks to his new fancy ride, a zombified dragon, which he killed in the pre-finale episode. Fans were shocked to see that the king of the dead made Viserion spew blue flames to bring down one part of the Wall that had remained unharmed for thousands of years. As of now, no one knows what the White Walkers actually want.

However, all the fan theories and rumours about the possible plot of GoT season 8 will come to a halt once the show premieres. HBO is yet to announce a premiere date but it has mentioned that the Game Of Thrones final season will return in 2019.