Will Smith has sparked controversy after footage emerged online of him kissing his teenage son, Jaden, on the lips.

The father-son acting duo were promoting their new film After Earth on Thai TV when Smith, 44, embarrassed the 14-year-old with the impromptu PDA.

During the segment which aired on the Woody Talk channel earlier this month, host Woody Milintachinda claimed that he sensed a distance between the father and son Smith and Jaden play in the movie, and questioned whether this was an accurate portrayal of their own relationship in real life.

After telling the presenter that they are "very affectionate," the former Fresh Prince of Bel Air star attempted to show his son some love, with Milintachinda's encouragement.

In spite of Jaden's objections, Smith managed to playfully lock lips with his clearly embarrassed son.

Jaden held his head in his hands as he exclaimed: "Oh God! This is ridiculous! That hasn't happened in so long!"

A clip of the interview, posted on YouTube, has since gone viral with some viewers labelling it as creepy and others insisting it's just harmless fun.

One fan said: "It's just a gesture of love and embarrassment lol I though it was cute."

Another wrote: "This is weird on so many levels after 5 you should stop kissing your kids on the lips. A simple hug, I love you even a kiss on the cheek would be better."

After Earth has debuted at the top of the UK box office despite its poor reception in the US.

The sci-fi blockbuster knocked The Hangover Part III from the top of the UK box office chart after raking in £2.2m in its opening weekend.