A Flybe plane from Edinburgh crash landed at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport after high winds damaged the landing gear.

FlyBe flight 1284, which had already battled fierce winds due to Storm Doris, tilted to one side and almost left the runway before skidding to a stop this afternoon (23rd February). All 46 passengers were taken to the terminal by bus and there are no reports of injuries.

The Bombardier Q400 had taken off from Dundee, landing in Edinburgh where its departure was delayed until 2.10pm due to the high winds.

On arrival at Schiphol the pilot had to make a mayday call and as the plane landed dramatic videos from both inside and outside the plane captured the moment of impact. The right propeller scraped the tarmac, sending smoke into the air.

In a tweet, Schiphol said: "The landing gear of a Flybe airplane collapsed during touch down. All passengers are brought to the terminal by bus at the moment." One of the passengers aboard, Matt Lorenson, Tweeted: "Everyone is OK. We're away to get drunk. Great day to move to Holland."

Flybe Schiphol crash landing 2017
A FlyBe plane from Edinburgh on the runway at Schiphol airport after landing gear broke in high winds REUTERS/Toussaint Kluiters

In a statement published by the Mail Online, Flybe said: "All 46 passengers disembarked as normal when the aircraft arrived on stand. The safety of its passengers and crew is the airline's number one priority and the airline apologises for any inconvenience experienced."

Storm Doris has caused disruption across the UK, with gusts of wind reaching 100mph and heavy falls of snow in some areas. A number of flights have been cancelled and a woman was killed in Wolverhampton when she was hit by falling debris as she walked through the city centre. The Met Office has called Storm Doris a "weather bomb" or explosive cyclogenesis but conditions are set to improve this evening.