Bethesda officially unveiled Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus at its E3 2017 showcase in the early hours of Monday (12 June) with a brand new, in-depth trailer and a release date set for October this year.

The new entry in the Wolfenstein series sees the return of Nazi-killing protagonist BJ Blazkowicz, as he leads a resistance against the ruling Nazi regime in 1961 America.

Bethesda made the announcement with an action-packed trailer (embedded above) that showed Blazkowicz allying with a group of resistance militants, as well as massive mutant creatures and Wolfenstein's familiar brand of humour,

Players will make their way through various locations across the US including post-nuclear Manhattan, small-town Roswell, New Mexico and the bayous of New Orleans.

"But this isn't just the riveting tale of one man's mission to build a movement and fight the evil that's overtaken his nation. BJ must also rebuild himself," Bethesda said in a release.

"After barely surviving the assassination of Nazi General Deathshead at the end of Wolfenstein: The New Order, BJ begins his exhilarating adventure while still recovering from his extensive injuries. Bloody but unbowed, he soon finds himself fully restored and stronger than ever."

Developed by Swedish studio MachineGames, the original Wolfenstein: The New Order was released in 2014 to critical acclaim. A lengthy standalone expansion called The Old Blood was later released in 2015.

In February, Bethesda VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines teased that MachineGames was hard at work on a title that was "f**king bananas."

In October of last year, Brian Bloom - the voice actor who played Blazkowicz in the original game, hinted that a sequel was in the works, pointing to Bethesda's mock cmd.exe screen during its E3 briefing last year.

The screen mentioned a New Colossus game, which many took to meaning a Wolfenstein sequel.

"Whether you like to sneak around, run-and-gun, take a tactical approach – or all of the above – your goal remains the same: Rally the resistance and end the Nazi's tyrannical reign in America," Bethesda adds.

"Equip an arsenal of badass guns, and unleash new abilities to blast your way through legions of advanced Nazi soldiers, cyborgs, and über soldiers in this definitive first-person shooter."

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is set to release on 27 October for PS4, Xbox One and PC.