Anthem gameplay E3 2017
Microsoft showcased the first ever gameplay trailer for BioWare's Anthem at E3 2017. EA

It's only been a day since BioWare's Anthem made its full debut at EA's E3 conference, but the Mass Effect creator's next game returned at Microsoft's showcase to offer a glimpse at the kind of experiences players can expect from the newly unveiled Xbox One X.

The sci-fi action adventure title, which is also set to launch on PS4 and PC, enjoyed an extended gameplay trailer (embedded below) from the one shown at EA Play. Anthem was also given a release window of autumn 2018.

Previously compared to big budget online-centric games like Destiny and The Division, Anthem drops players into a lush post-apocalyptic world where humans struggle to survive in a land filled with large, dangerous wildlife and robotic enemies called Scars.

While the main human colony is hidden inside a giant structure known as "The Wall", explorers venture out in exo-suits called Javelins that give them superhuman capabilities.

These hulking suits of armour appear to be crucial to gameplay and were touted as being completely customisable both in terms of aesthetics and in changing the way the game plays.

The footage showed the tank-style Colossus and "balanced" Ranger suits which offer different play-styles, although they all appear to be fitted with jetpacks for flying around the stunning environments which change based on dynamic weather effects.

The almost seven minute gameplay reveal also hinted at an RPG-like levelling system where experience points are gained by finding undiscovered locations around the map and clearing groups of enemies in gun-heavy third-person combat.

Fans of collecting rare loot drops will also have been delighted to see a hefty rifle rewarded to the player after completing a mission. The footage showed three players co-operating to complete the task.

Anthem is the next major IP from BioWare's flagship studio in Edmonton and has been in production since 2012 under the codename Dylan. Work on the new sci-fi franchise began after BioWare's flagship team finished work on the original Mass Effect trilogy.

After the middling reception for Mass Effect Andromeda, developed by BioWare's satellite team in Montreal, the series was put on hiatus and the Canadian studio was downsized.

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