A woman in New Jersey had one of the worst dates ever when her Tinder date seemingly robbed the residence she was housesitting, police said.

Leonia Police Department reported that they received a call on Sunday 20 August reporting a theft. An 18-year-old woman was housesitting while the homeowners were in another state and had decided to take a few swipes on Tinder.

While on the app, police said she came across a man "whom she had not previously met" and invited him to the house. The male then arrived with a friend and while the woman was "distracted by one of the subjects" the other was alone around the house.

Police said that when the two left, a laptop and an Amazon parcel had gone missing - and so was the family dog.

The pooch is a two-year-old white female Maltese named Maggie and police are now asking anyone in the area with information or who may have seen the missing dog to contact them.

Leonia Police Department also shared a few tips for those looking to meet people on apps like Tinder: "Do not share personal/financial information on social media; Meet in a public place when meeting for the first time; Tell family and friends when meeting someone new for the first time".

And whatever you do, don't leave them alone with the dog.