Karon Grieve, 57, took a selfie on board showing empty seats on the Jet2 flight from Glasgow to Crete - Representational Image Getty Images

A woman who paid £46 for a flight from Glasgow to Greece discovered that she had the 189-seater plane all to herself on Sunday (22 October).

Karon Grieve, 57, took a selfie on board showing the empty seats on the Jet2 flight from Glasgow to Crete.

The writer and television food expert was told at the check-in counter that only three people had booked the end-of-season flight. Once she boarded the plane, Grieve discovered that the other two had missed their flight, leaving Grieve the lone passenger on board.

Grieve said she felt like an A-lister and was given a free meal. She was also allowed to take a seat of her choice.

The pilot gave Grieve a personalised commentary, addressing her over the speakers by her name.

After landing in Crete, Grieve said she did not have to wait in long lines for her luggage. She was in fact handed her suitcase right from the plane, the Independent reported.

"When I went to the check-in desk we were actually having a joke about how many people were on the flight because last year when I was away there were only eight people on the flight.

"He asked me to guess so we started this guessing game, starting at ten and working our way down. We then got down to three as there were another two people who were booked on the flight but they didn't end up showing up. So as soon as I got on the flight, it was just me, the cabin crew and the pilot. They moved me to seat number one so I had all the leg room and everything, it was fantastic," Grieve told was quoted as saying.

"The pilot then came out and chatted to me before takeoff and throughout the flight was documenting what we were doing and where we were going.

"At one point there was this incredible lightning storm so the pilot had us all watching that which was just fantastic."

Grieve said she was treated like royalty. "The crew were wandering around and said just to call if I needed anything. I even got a free meal which was great. They said I could run up and down the plane if I wanted; I had all the space to myself. It was so peaceful and I got a lot of work done."

A spokeswoman for Jet2 told the Independent: "We're delighted Grieve got to experience our VIP customer service in style.

"It is not unusual for the final outbound flight of the season to have fewer bookings than normal. We hope Grieve has a fantastic time in Crete."

The airline also confirmed that all the 189 seats were booked for the flight home, Nine website reported.