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An animal rights group has put on a gruesome display in Barcelona to press home its message on World Meat Out Day.

Animal Equality mocked up typical supermarket meat packaging containing blood-covered women.

The group's aim was to raise awareness of animal rights and to stop people eating meat.

On the packaging, a label said the woman weighed 72kg, was packaged on 20/03/2013 and was free range.

Animal Equality said: "Covered with artificial blood in large trays six animal right activists were plasticised to protest against animal use for food and called for a vegan lifestyle.

"Dozens of other activists accompanied the protest by holding placards.

"This is a symbolic protest to raise awareness of the suffering and death billions of other animals go through because of human consumption."

Animal rights groups say that vegetarianism and veganism would improve the lives of animals. Scientists have said that lower consumption of meat would have environmental and health benefits.

A report by the UN Environment Programme in February recommended cutting meat consumption by half or giving it up altogether.

They said the horsemeat scandal showed the reality behind meat processing and that farming practices were destroying the planet.

Cancer Research UK warned that processed meats were the cause of three percent of premature deaths.

Yinka Ebo, senior health information office, said: "There's a clear link between eating too much processed meat and bowel cancer, but this study suggests that cutting down on these meats could also reduce the risk of dying prematurely."


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