Jake "The Snake" Roberts has claimed that Vince McMahon lied to him about giving him a spot in the creative process following his final WWE fight. The WWE Hall of Famer said he was told that when Pat Patterson stepped down the latter's position would be his.

The former WWE star made the revelation on the Bischoff on Wrestling podcast when host and former WCW president Eric Bischoff asked Roberts whether he was looking forward to getting involved in the creative process at the wrestling entertainment company following his final WWE fight.

"Absolutely," Roberts said. "Well unfortunately for Pat and Terry Garvin and a few others involved in the news about some bad things happening behind the scenes with some boys and stuff. Pat stepped down, ya know? Garvin was fired. These other people were fired and Pat was gone," he said as transcribed by Wrestle Zone.

After Patterson stepped down, Roberts said he met McMahon and told him he was ready to take over Patterson's position.

"So I went to Vince and I said, "Ok, he's gone. Now is my time." He just said, "That's not the way it really is." I'm like, "Well publicly you're saying he's gone so what is it?" He says, "Well, we aren't using him out in front of people blah blah blah." In other words, he was b**********g me. So he pulled back away from me and that's when I said, "I'm out of here. He's lied to me one too many times." I was very unhappy at the time. (Sigh) Hindsight is 20/20. I'll just leave it at that."

World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon Brendan McDermid/Reuters