john Cena
The 15-time world champion in his career has had a couple of serious injures but has always made a speedy recovery USA Today Sports/Reuters

John Cena was given a recovery time of six to nine months after he sustained a shoulder injury in January, but the gritty wrestler has recovered ahead of schedule and is expected to enter the ring on 30 May. The 15-time world champion has suffered some serious injuries in his career, but has each time made a speedy recovery.

In 2008 the action star was injured at the Royal Rumble and again in late 2013, he suffered an elbow injury, and each time he returned to the ring sooner-than-anticipated.

The 39-year-old wrestler's fans may after all get to see him in action on the Memorial Day edition of Monday Night Raw. Cena wrote on Twitter: "They said the surgery recovery time is 9 months, but I'm ready to go in 5. This #MemorialDay Cena is back on #Raw. #NeverGiveUp."

However, it is unclear as to whom Cena would take on post his return to the ring. He could face off with the current WWE world heavyweight champion Roman Reigns, who had called him out following his victory over Triple H at WrestleMania 32. Cena could also face a different opponent if the feud between Reigns and AJ Styles continues.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Cena had opened up about his injury that had sidelined him for a few months. He said: "It's been two and a half months since the surgery and 107 rehab visits so far, and I'm already doing things they said would take nine months. I was antsy on day four. Being away from the product just makes me want it even more. Sure, OK, it's very easy to get too caught up."

"And not to mention the blur between real and not. I mean, anyone who brings up the word 'fake' with me is truly ignorant of what we do. We entertain. We're TV that develops right in front of you as it happens. People think we are who they see," he added.