Anton Stephans has exited the X Factor, but he had no intention of going quietly. After an emotional sing-off with Che Chesterman, the judges voted to send Anton home, but the fall-out from his earlier clash with Nick Grimshaw in Saturday's show was still evident.

The boy's mentor accused Anton of being fake saying: "I just wasn't feeling that. "That wasn't the best track for you. It's a very emotional song and it felt cold. It seemed fake."

His comments set an emotional Anton off who replied: "'Excuse me, but this is all real. The set and the outfit might be fake, but I am real." "That's fine, but I didn't say you were fake - I said I wasn't feeling it. There's no need to be aggressive," said a disgruntled Nick. Not letting it go Anton retorted: "I'm not being aggressive, but there's no need to be rude. I gave that everything and it was genuine".

While his own mentor Simon Cowell jumped to Anton's defence, it was clear that Anton had not forgotten Nick's comments.

His choice of song for the sing-off - the Bonnie Rait classic I Can't Make You Love Me – was evidently a pointed comment, but Anton couldn't hide his apparent contempt for Nick as he yawned while the Radio 1 DJ passed comment on the performances.

"Anton I thought you sang that really well, but Che's my boy so I've got to send Anton home," said Nick.

Simon Cowell stood up for his act saying: "You know who I'm keeping and actually I feel passionately about this. Anton you've taken a lot of stick some of it unnecessary. You're a character you're a fighter, you're fun and you're a great singer. I'm saving you because as much as I like you Che I've become good friends with Anton now."

But there was no denying that Che Chesterman's soulful rendition of Alicia Keys' If I Ain't Got You, was by far the better performance. Rita Ora felt compelled to back Che saying: "Looking at both journeys and seeing you Anton evolve and come into your own spotlight, you deserve of where you are today, but there's no comparison I'm keeping Che".

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini did her best to be diplomatic as she voted to save Che saying: "I want to make this really clear, it's not personal and I need to stress that because it's not at all. I have fallen in love with both acts over the past weeks but if I'm basing this on the fact Anton is going on tour and he will do his thing, I think for the rest of the competition my heart is with Che, sorry Anton."

Fortunately, Anton wasn't too disheartened by the final decision. "I just want to thank everybody, I've had the time of my life," he said. "I know everyone says you're going to see my again, but you will because I'm on the tour." Reflecting on the X factor experience he said: "The one moment that stands out for me when I came out at Wembley and I looked at you two beautiful women and I knew you got me."

Putting an end to his war of words with Nick he added: "And thank you Nick, I know we had a somethin' somethin' but let's forget it."

It wasn't the only controversy of the night. Lauren Murphy came under fire after she appeared to push one of the girls from 4<sup>th Impact. It was suggested that she was merely looking to see if Louisa had been put through, but it didn't go down well on Twitter. "laurenmurray pushing one of the fourth impact girls? wow that was mean," said one viewer.

With Anton leaving the show, Simon Cowell, has no more acts left in the competition. He had made no secret of his disappointment after being told he would mentor the Overs category and as he anticpated, he is effectively out of the competition too.

Meanwhile, there was better news for Sean Miley Moore, who it was announced would be added to the line-up for the X Factor live tour. Ahead of next week's show, members of the public will choose the songs that each act performs in The X Factor Jukebox.

The X Factor continues on ITV on Saturday 28 November.