The X-Files
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprise their roles as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in The X-Files Fox

The X-Files returns with a revival series on 24 January 2016 on Fox Network. Actor David Duchovny will reprise his role as Fox Mulder, a former FBI special agent assigned to the X-Files, while Gillian Anderson will return as Dana Scully, a medical doctor and former FBI special agent.

Duchovny dished about what to expect and teased if the revival could become an annual event in an interview with TV Line. He said: "I don't see why not. But we don't want to just make more episodes because we can. I'm not interested in that. And I don't think [show creator] Chris [Carter] is interested in that. If Chris is re-inspired to start thinking about where to take the show and the characters next I'm sure we'd all listen."

The actor also discussed his favourite episode in the revival series. "For me in terms of being an actor, Darin [Morgan]'s scripts — which were funny and whimsical yet very smart and rigorous — were always challenging and fun. And it's the same this time with [the Morgan written/directed Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster airing on 1 February]."

"Chris really took care of the scope and the action, [but] action's less interesting for me to play as an actor. You've got to be there at night, basically. And you've got to run to something or from something. [Laughs] That's not a knock on Chris' writing. But Darin's episodes were always very verbally, often comically driven and thematically twisted. And it's the same this time," the 55-year-old actor shared.

He also talked about how his relationship with co-star Anderson changed over the years. "We've been good for quite a while workwise. Whatever difficulties we may have had over the years [stemmed from] what I said earlier about wanting to get off the show.... the fatigue and a hot-house feeling of being in the same room with the same people for nine years. "

"We're good now. We have a shorthand and I really enjoy working with her a lot. That was probably the easiest part of transitioning back into the show was our work together," Duchovny added.