Microsoft's relationship with Apple took an unfavourable turn recently when the latter's App Store policies prompted an early end to Project xCloud's TestFlight programme. Due to certain restrictions imposed by the Cupertino-based tech outfit even Facebook Gaming was forced to tweak its platform to be approved. To the surprise of many, the latest update for the Xbox app on iOS adds a remote play function that lets Xbox One owners stream gameplay to an iPhone or iPad.

The feature is not the same as the one offered by xCloud which is bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Instead, it is similar to what Sony has offered with the PS3 and PS4, but without the one caveat. The Xbox App also supports streaming games over Wi-Fi but is designed to remain functional even over LTE or 5G connections. In 2019, Microsoft was supposedly in talks with major carriers regarding optimisation for games streamed over mobile data.

To make it even more convenient, Xbox One owners can use the app to remotely active the console even when they are away from home. Please note that the game system should be set to "Instant On" to enable this functionality. Once activated, the console will boot up silently and without any lights. If it does not detect any action from the players, it will revert to standby mode after a short while, reports The Verge.

The latest update was first released for Android device and now its on iOS. Among the additions made by Microsoft is the revamped UX which will resemble that on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Aside from support for remote play, the Xbox app runs faster than its previous version. While some are hopeful that this might eventually allow xCloud game streaming on iOS, Apple is still not ready to make exceptions.

Xbox Project xCloud announcement reveals supported accessories
Microsoft's latest update about Project xCloud reveals several third-party accessories that have been awarded the Designed for Xbox rating. Photo: Microsoft

Apple attempted to make some changes in the hopes of attracting Stadia and xCloud back to the App store. However, it will require both Google and Microsoft to submit each game in their respective libraries individually as separate apps. This evidently defeats the purpose of what game streaming services offer. TestFlight members can now access the Xbox app and should be available publicly soon.