Xbox One Digital TV Tuner
Xbox One's digital TV tuner has launched in the UK today Microsoft

Xbox One's Digital TV Tuner has launched in the UK today allowing anyone with Microsoft's latest console to watch free-to-air HD channels.

Once connected via USB, the tuner lets you pause, fast-forward and rewind live TV, with user able to store around 30 minutes on the Xbox One, even while playing a game.

It will also allow you to change channels using your voice and the console's Kinect camera, and combine live TV with the apps and features of the console to navigate through listings.

If you just can't choose what to do with your time, you are able to push live TV to the side of your screen using the Snap application, and play a game whilst still viewing your programme.

Another feature is the capability to stream live TV through any device using the SmartGlass app. However, iOS and Windows are available immediately, with Android coming soon.

The Xbox One digital TV tuner is available online and from high street retailers priced at £24.99.