A few months ago, it was speculated that Sony supposedly has two PS5 models in development for release next year. Meanwhile, Microsoft continued to keep silent about the Xbox Scarlett. With only a few weeks left before 2019 officially ends, gamers are anxious to learn more about the next-generation console. Last month, fans were evidently expecting a big announcement at the XO19 event in London, but the show ended without any mention of the new game system. Recently, there have been rumours about the existence of two Project Scarlett models as an insider shares some details about each machine.

Reliable sources indicate Microsoft has two versions slated to release in time for the 2020 holiday season. Unlike the alleged PS5 and PS5 Pro, the developers have assigned codenames for the duo – Anaconda and Lockhart. According to Windows Central, the former is the flagship-tier SKU, while the latter will be the entry-level version of the two.

The publication noted that several sources closely monitoring the engineering progress of the two Scarlett consoles already have a rough idea about its specifications. For comparison, the Xbox One X flaunts a computing power rated at around six teraflops, the Anaconda, on the other hand, will boast up to 12 teraflops. Meanwhile, the Xbox One S manages only 1.4 teraflops in contrast to the 4 teraflops of the Lockhart.

In the CPU aspect, both models will apparently sport eight-core CPUs with an estimated clock speed of 3.5 GHz. Microsoft is looking into giving each SKU about 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM, wherein 13 GB will be dedicated for games, while the operating system relies on the remaining memory.

Sony has been talking about the new PS5's new SSD storage, which will drastically reduce loading times in games. Microsoft is not about to lose out and teases the use of proprietary NVMe SSDs for the Anaconda. Just like its rival, this is expected to make games run faster than ever before on a home console. The sources did not specify if the Lockhart will also come equipped with the same storage technology. The PlayStation 5 is not expected to debut until early 2020, but Xbox Scarlett could take the opportunity to make a surprise appearance ahead of its biggest rival.

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