Even though Sony and Microsoft have yet to unveil their new systems, the next-generation console war has already started. The Japanese gaming brand fired the first shots when it started sharing bits of information regarding the PS5. Now, Microsoft is hitting back with some teasers as to what the Xbox Scarlett can offer. Earlier this week, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer confirmed that VR will not be coming to its upcoming machine. Moreover, he pointed out that the demand for the technology is lower than expected. Instead, the company is hinting at something else.

Spencer noted that virtual reality as a form of entertainment needs to outgrow being a niche market. Thus, Microsoft has no plans as of now to develop a VR headset for the Xbox Scarlett. On the other hand, Sony's PlayStation VR is among the best-selling product of its kind and fans are expecting an upgrade when the PlayStation 5 comes out.

Meanwhile, it seems that the Redmond, Washington-based firm is planning to make backward compatibility as robust as ever on the Xbox Scarlett. Although the PS5 is also teasing the feature, it remains unclear as to the scope of the games it will support. So far, tech demos have relied on existing PS4 games running faster and better on the new Sony game system.

Xbox Game Studios chief Matt Booty claims the functionality will be a key factor that will win over gamers during launch. In an interview with GamesRadar, the executive wanted consumers to know that engineers are working make it possible to completely support the entire lineup of Xbox One games. "We want – when you invest in Xbox – to know that you're bringing that legacy content library with you," he said.

It looks like Microsoft plans to showcase a huge number of games upon launch with this feature. Gamers have always requested to have Backward compatibility each time a new console is announced. It appears the Xbox Scarlett will have it on board, which leaves Sony to confirm if it can offer the same on the PS5. Nevertheless, If rumours are to be believed then owners can access the entire generation of PlayStation games.

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