Weeks leading up to now, reports have pointed out the hype regarding Sony's console. Despite being the more powerful game system on paper, the Xbox Series X does not really offer much innovation except for bump in performance and graphics. It might seem that Microsoft's game system is not popular, but the fact that there are shipment delays from Amazon hints that the demand for it is comparable to PS5. Unfortunately, folks who preordered their units might have to wait longer.

Unlike the PS5, which Sony confirmed will not be available in retail stores, select outlets will have stocks of the Xbox Series X. Nevertheless, given the pandemic, most gamers opted to preorder online from establishments such as Amazon. Although the reason was not specified, people apparently received emails regarding the estimated delivery dates of their consoles. Surprisingly, some are even expected to get their systems just before the year ends.

Twitter user @EposVox, as well as others, received an email from Amazon that read: Hello, we're contacting you with an update regarding your order of Xbox Series X. We expect to ship your console in the coming weeks as we receive more inventory in November and December. At this time we anticipate that you will receive your Xbox Series X by 12/31 or before. We are making every effort to get it to you as soon as possible."

It appears to be limited to people who bought the flagship console as the Xbox Series S was never indicated. However, another Twitter user named @gillythekidYT replied that a customer support representative told him that it was just a disclaimer in case there are unforeseen delays. In reality, it should arrive earlier than the date disclosed. It looks like shipments from Amazon might be the only ones affected by delays, as other stores have not sent out similar advisories.

For now, it is unclear if people who preordered the PS5 will also experience something similar. Sony already scheduled two release dates with the one on Friday available for certain regions only. Then on Nov. 19, the rest of the world will get theirs. On the other hand, Microsoft is releasing the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S globally on the same day.

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