E3 2020 is just a couple of months away, but there is yet to be any major developments related to next-generation gaming. The public already knows that Sony confirmed it will not participate, which leaves Microsoft and Nintendo to compete at the show floor. The PlayStation 5 is still under wraps and a "Pro" version of the Switch is not in development contrary to what rumours implied. The gaming-focused trade show will be a huge opportunity for the Xbox Series X to shine.

As such, Xbox chief Phil Spencer recently took the time to promote what the Xbox team plans to showcase at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo that will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, in June. GameSpot noted that his reply to a fan on Twitter hints the company has something up its sleeve for 2020, in time for the launch of its new game system.

Other reports likewise pointed out an important detail mentioned in Spencer's tweet. The most recent planning apparently took place on Saturday, where the games that will be showcased at the E3 2020 briefing were considered. It was immediately singled out that he wrote "deep portfolio of XGS games." What this implies is that there might be more unannounced first-party software from Xbox Game Studios that will debut at the trade show.

Furthermore, Spencer likewise revealed that longtime Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg will oversee the preparations for E3 2020. Shortly thereafter, sources highlighted a post from the latter's Twitter account, which teased plans of a partnership with Taco Bell. In the past, Xbox collaborated with the American fast-food chain to promote its consoles.

Xbox Series X makes its debut
Microsoft surprised those watching The Video Game Awards 2019 with the reveal of the Xbox Series X. Photo: Microsoft

Last year, the Xbox E3 2019 briefing was all over the news when Keanu Reeves showed up on stage to promote CD Projekt Red's "Cyberpunk 2077" to the delight of those in attendance. So far, the only game listed as a launch title for the Xbox Series X is "Halo Infinite." Given the cross-generation compatibility promised by Microsoft, it should have a distinct advantage over its rivals. In a related report, Spencer claims the company no longer sees Sony and Nintendo as its competitors. Instead, Amazon and Google are allegedly in its sights in the cloud-gaming space.