The Xbox Series X and PS5 are barely a month away from launch and the gaming industry is eager to learn everything about what both have in store for consumers. So far, Sony seems to have a bigger library of console exclusives upon launch, but Microsoft's Smart Delivery features give Xbox more value on day one. Among the current-generation games that will be optimised for the new system, The Coalition reveals what players can expect from "Gears 5" on the next-generation platform.

Ever since the latest Xbox was officially announced, Microsoft assured its fans that majority of Xbox One titles will benefit from the new hardware's capabilities. Thus, "Gears 5," as well as others from its huge catalogue of supported software, will likely receive a visual overhaul on the Xbox Series X. However, those that are from first-party studios will apparently get more than just upgraded graphics, improved frame rates, and reduced loading times.

In an interview with IGN, staff from The Coalition were happy to share more on what gamers can expect from "Gears 5" when it runs on the Xbox Series X. The main campaign of the action-packed shooter will enjoy more customisation options under the New Game+ mode. This introduces another two difficulty modes: Ironman and Inconceivable. Other elements that could be toggled include weapon skins, character skins (JD/Kait/Del), and mutators.

"If you're familiar with that in games like 'XCOM,' [which] maybe is the best example where you don't want to die ever -- you're trying to play through with one life [in Ironman mode]. That's really challenging and that's where bringing over your OP Jack is going to help you get through that. Or certainly playing through co-op if you're both in Ironman, that would be a really fun thing to challenge as well. So we certainly loved the couch co-op challenges for Gears," said principal lead producer Zoë Curnoe.

Gears of War 4 Marcus Fenix
Original trilogy hero Marcus Fenix in the new game. He's the father of new lead protagonist JD Fenix. Microsoft

Meanwhile, fans of WWE superstar wrestler Dave Bautista "Batista" will finally be able to complete the story campaign with the optional skin. Moreover, the addition of new voiceovers will give players a new experience when they play through "Gears 5" all over again on the Xbox Series X.